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WiA Case Studies

Women in Agriculture, Perth: Motivate & Inspire – Be Brave, Push Your Boundaries!

As part of the Women in Agriculture Motivate & Inspire Series, the Perthshire Group are hosting a meeting with the highly driven Heather Wildman. Heather is well known by many as the driving force behind Saviour Associates and has helped many farming families tackle the topic of succession. However, that was not how Heather’s career started or how she envisaged it. Heather will tell her story of how sometimes things don’t work out as planned but that is okay – your path can change but it is all about having the confidence to walk through the other door that will inevitably open! As Richard Branson would say: if you fall flat on your face, at least you’re moving forward. All you have to do is get back up and try again. Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service (FAS) is part of the Scottish Rural Development Programme (SRDP) which is co-funded by the EU and Scottish Government, providing information and resources aimed at increasing the profitability and sustainability of farms and crofts.

Women in Agriculture, Stirling: Motivate and Inspire - Snowdonia Sheperdess

Teleri Fielden – Snowdonia Shepherdess Today’s farming world it can seem very difficult for new entrants to get moving on the farming ladder. Teleri Fielden explains the processes, support and inspiration that enabled her to fulfil her dream. There are many physical, emotional and social barriers to cross getting into farming and Teleri will explain how de-spite the odds stacked against her she overcame these challenges. Teleri will discuss: - Her background and how she got into agriculture. - The do’s and don’ts for getting a tenancy. - Overcoming physical, financial and social barriers.

Women in Agriculture, Lothians: Benchmarking

Following on from the understanding your farm accounts meeting, benchmarking allows for further understanding of your businesses position and can be used for future strategic planning. Consider how your business’ performance has changed year on year, judge which enterprises are most successful and compare your farm to industry averages. These can all be done through benchmarking. Through this online meeting we will discuss with examples how benchmarking can be used, and which figures and ratios are key to understanding your business and comparing to industry averages. Speaker: Kev Bevan, Agricultural Consultant

Women in Agriculture, Perthshire: Social Media Skills

The use of social media has escalated during the pandemic so join the Perthshire Women in Agriculture group as they take a look at the key social media platforms and discuss top tips for how to get the most from them. The meeting will last around 1hr – 1hr 15 mins and the content will be suitable for those using social media for both personal and business purposes. This event will cover: Why do we use social media? The key features of the 4 main social media platforms Images and graphics for social media content How to create a positive social media presence and what to think about before posting or commenting

Women in Agriculture, Borders: Motivate and Inspire

Stepping out of your comfort zone, trying something new & making changes can be tough. Annabel Hamilton, from Bee Edge farm near Coldingham has forged a successful career in farm management, overseeing the arable operations of large businesses in both Lincolnshire & Northumberland. Since returning home in June 2020 to her native Berwickshire coast, Annabel has used her progressive mind set to create St Abbs first pick your own pumpkin patch, along with beginning the succession process on the family’s mixed farm. Annabel is also a strong advocate for women in agriculture and has recently found social media stardom, through her regular tweets on Farmers of the UK. Despite her success in the industry, Annabel admits that forging a career in agriculture can often be a daunting and intimidating place for women, but believes strongly that with the correct mind-set anything is possible.

Women in Agriculture, Lanarkshire: Motivate and Inspire

Dreams Don’t Work Unless You Do! Come along to the first Lanarkshire Women in Agriculture meeting of 2021 and prepare yourself to be both motivated and inspired. We will be joined for the evening by Jenny McKerr, a highly driven and successful “Woman in Agriculture” who runs a diversified farming enterprise on the outskirts of Forth, Lanarkshire. Jenny will provide us with an insight of her journey into agriculture from starting out as new entrant, to purchasing a farm with her husband and introducing their latest addition “The Wee Farm Distillery” onto farm. Jenny’s story is testament to the motivation and dedication which has been put in over the years to help build a successful, sustainable diversified agricultural business. Join us to hear more about Jenny’s journey including the “highs and lows”, barriers and challenges they have faced along the way.

Women in Agriculture, Balivanich: Why Keep Accounts?

Why keep accounts? Books don’t need to be boring and VAT doesn’t need to be vexing! In this online meeting, Chloe McCulloch will discuss how and why a crofter or small business would benefit from keeping accounts. Join us to chat about how even a small croft business can reduce their tax bill and reclaim VAT. We will explain how to keep the paperwork, accountancy terminology, types of businesses such as Sole Traders and Partnerships, how VAT works and the reasons crofters might want to be VAT registered.

Women in Agriculture, Balivanich: Sheep Tagging and Records

Sheep records made simple and top tips for tagging. Join us for this session on the simplest way to keep sheep records and understand sheep tagging rules. There will be no more panic and scramble at the mention of an inspection for QMS or SGRPID! Along with Siobhan Macdonald from SAC Consulting and Jane Thomson from Shearwell, we will show you: - The key times to record - Ways to make numbers easier - Which tag for which sheep - Using hand held scanners - What inspectors look for - Medicine records.

Women in Agriculture, Borders: Selling Carbon and Creating Woodland

Carbon sales from woodland are rapidly becoming a valuable source of income for farmers. Given that sales can be combined with existing FGS grant support, carbon sales are now being seen as viable method of diversifying business income streams and have the potential to make small scale tree planting feasible. It is therefore important that as farmers, we have some understanding of the options available for our businesses. Join us on for an interactive session with Senior Forestry Consultant Ben Law, where he will attempt to shed some light on this complex and topical subject. - What is carbon selling? - How does it work? - What options are available for small scale plantings? - What does the future look like for carbon sales going forward?

Women in Agriculture, Caithness: A Year in Grass

When does your grass grow? How can you make it grow better? When should you apply fertiliser? Does your ground need lime? When should you re-seed? When is the best time to re-seed? How should you best manage your grass? These are just some of the questions grassland specialist Lorna Galloway will be answering in this webinar. Lorna will be taking us through “A year in grass” and providing end to end guidance and top tips on all grassland matters.

Women in Agriculture, Caithness: Confused about Carbon? Let's Clear the Air!

So much talk about reducing farm emissions, lowering your carbon footprint, carbon neutral, net zero and how to farm more efficiently…..confused by all this and need some clarity on what this means? In this webinar, Katerina Karpasitou from SAC Consulting’s Agrecalc team will simplify the jargon and improve your understanding around the impacts of carbon and what we can do to help improve our farm carbon footprint.

Women in Agriculture, Argyll: Motivate & Inspire

In this webinar we heard inspirational women tell their stories about how they are involved with farming and crofting across Argyll and the Islands. Four very different backgrounds and routes into agriculture, with challenges, ups and downs but also with buckets of success and exciting businesses between them!

Speakers: Rhoda Meek is living on the Isle of Tiree and learning about crofting on the job. Working remotely by day, as an IT Consultant for software companies, she also runs a Tea label called Tiree Tea, and during lockdown set up the innovative website.

Claire Simonetta moved to Scotland in 2012 from a non-farming background in Switzerland and now lives and works on a hill farm on the Isle of Mull. As a part-time self-employed agricultural consultant she provides advice to farmers across the Highlands and Islands. Over the last year Claire has also been involved with the farmer-led group work to help advise Scottish Government on future agricultural policy.

Geraldine MacKinnon is a native to the Isle of Canna. After a spell away, she returned in 1996 and has been involved in managing Canna Farm for The National Trust for Scotland since then. Geraldine is also a crofter in her own right, runs self catering properties and is chair person of the Isle of Canna Community Development Trust.

Jane Isaacson was brought up on a remote estate in the Highlands and always dreamt of having her own farm. When the opportunity arose of a tenancy in Argyll a few years ago, Jane jumped at the chance. Hand milking highland cattle and making ice cream using the milk along with ingredients grown and foraged on the farm, Highland Fold Ice cream was created.

Women in Agriculture, Lothians: Motivate and Inspire with Jo McNicol

Prepare to be motivated and inspired by Jo McNicol, a very successful and driven mother of two. Jo will give an insight into her inspirational journey, diversifying the family arable farm. Jo has created Drift café out of shipping containers, built up a Castleton events, hosting weddings and now has a food trailer. Jo has now been selected as a Scottish Food and Drink ambassador. Jo has dealt with many challenges and has overcome hurdles in building the business but works hard to open doors.

Women in Agriculture, Borders: Adapting to a Decade of Change

Our future farm support system will look very different to the current BPS, but how can we adapt to cope with this change? In this webinar we were joined by Douglas Home & co chartered accountant, Victoria Ivinson, to discuss the following topics: - How do you prepare for a BPS change in direction - Diversification - Annual Investment Allowance - Research and Development tax credits

Women in Agriculture, Angus & Aberdeenshire: Ewe Management for Lambing Success

The aim of a successful lambing is to produce lambs with high vigour from ewes which are in the correct condition to avoid lambing difficulties, metabolic disorders and have a good supply of quality colostrum and milk. This webinar recording covered: - Ewe behaviour - Body condition scoring - Nutrition requirements in mid to late pregnancy - Optimising forage - Managing feed in extreme weather Our speakers for this event were Mary Young (SAC Consulting Nutritionist) and Poppy Frater (SAC Consulting Sheep and Grassland Specialist).

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