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The Rural Roundup

The Rural Roundup

The Rural Roundup is Scotland’s Farm Advisory Service’s regular Podcast, hosted by Kerry Hammond,  featuring a roundup of the latest news, information and opinions from some of our other Podcast show hosts.

Listen to find out what new information, events and resources are available through the FAS website, and get to know someone working in Industry with our short segment “What’s on your desk?”


Latest Episode:

On today’s episode I’m joined by George Chalmers as he fills me in on the headlines from the inaugural FAS Connect Conference. Remember for PSF options completed in 2023, the claim window runs from 1st March 2023 to 29th February 2024. Read more >>

Previous Episodes:

On today’s episode Robert, Tiffany and George discuss the impact of the recent wave of bad weather across Scotland. Whether managing flooded soils or staying safe around fallen trees it’s all worth taking a moment to consider best practice and the current advice out there. Read more >>
On today’s episode of Rural Roundup, George & Robert think about what Rabbie Burns would have to say about farming today, including what similarities and massive changes that agriculture has seen since the Poet was working a plough. We also speak to Phil Knott the Vice-Chair of the Nature Friendly Farming Network as he discusses the value of looking back to a traditional way of farming, not for conservation, but to ensure that farmers are getting the best out of their land and their enterprises.  Read more >>

On today’s episode George, Robert & Tiffany discuss collaboration and partnerships, looking at examples like The Scottish Pig Producers, and investigating how technology could facilitate collaboration. We are also joined by Tara Wight from The Landworker’s Alliance discussing their work in bringing people together, and the benefit of Farmer’s networks.  Read more >>

On today’s episode George, Robert & Tiffany chat about the run up to Christmas, how the public get interested in farms, farming, and local food at this time of year, and how we could make more of this for the rest of the year.  Read more >>

On today’s episode George & Robert are joined by Lorna Galloway, a senior consultant at SAC Consulting to discuss developments in agricultural technology, opportunities for efficiencies and what tech might look like in the future. Read more >>

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