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Stock Talk

Stock Talk

Welcome to Stock Talk, bringing you all the latest news and advice for livestock producers.  Each month, livestock specialists will discuss current issues, opportunities and options for producers.


Latest Episode:

In this podcast we hear from SRUC Veterinary Investigation Officers Megan Fergusson and Tim Geraghty. They talk about the importance of good husbandry and top tips to save time and to prevent disease spreading at lambing and calving time. They also talk about health planning and how recording lamb and calf losses can help when reviewing these losses and how to improve survival rates in the future. Read more >>

Previous Episodes:

In this podcast we hear from Sascha Grierson, SAC Consultant and Economist, and Colin Mason, SAC Veterinary Investigation Officer. They talk to Robert Ramsay about improving productivity and efficiency in beef herds and also talk about grant support to aid this improvement. Read more >>

In this podcast we hear from Sean Cursiter who has featured on BBC’s ‘This Farming Life’ program. Sean Cursiter farms at Laga Farm, Orkney with his dad and his uncle. Due to his dad and uncle still being relatively young and fit to farm Laga, Sean decided to buy a farm for himself and his family’s future; Arwick Farm, Orkney. Read more >>

In this podcast we hear from Rhona McAlister who is Precision Animal Health Commercial Manager (genomics specialist) with Zoetis.  Rhona speaks about the role of genomics and how it can accelerate genetic progress. Breeding decisions can be made with more confidence and data driven.  Read more>>

In this podcast we hear from David Whiteford who has drastically changed his farming system over the past few years. He used to have a traditional system of sheep grazing on the hill and cattle housed over the winter period. Nowadays, he has crossbred sheep on the in-bye land and leaves his hill to grow grass over the summer to be utilised by the cows as deferred winter grazing.  This reduces wintering costs for the cattle. He has changed his breeds of cattle and sheep along the way to suit this system. He also speaks about his experience of growing crops for cattle to graze in the winter, with this year’s crop of choice being fodder beet.  Read more>>

In this podcast we hear from Lorna MacPherson, SAC Dairy Consultant, and Jimmy Goldie, Technical Manager at Carrs Billington. They speak about the dairy market outlook for the winter season including milk price and input costs. They discuss the importance of nutrition rationing dairy cows and trying to get the best value diet without compromising on performance. They also speak about sustainability of the dairy industry and the role of carbon auditing. The future of the dairy industry is discussed including the challenges ahead and the opportunities.  Read more>>

In this podcast we hear from Hugh Grierson who runs an organic farm and butchery business, direct selling his meat to customers.  Hugh tells us about how his organic business has developed over the years. Read more >>

In this podcast we hear from SAC Veterinary Investigation Officer Megan Fergusson. Megan talks to us about how to give your flock the best chance of a successful lambing next year as we discuss issues that lead to barren ewes and how to prevent them. During this podcast we discuss enzootic abortion and toxoplasmosis; trace elements; ewe body condition scores; and tups including tup power required. Read more >>

In this episode Robert is joined by Michael Blanche, host of the PasturePod, for a chat about his system, his experience farming, and his thoughts about where things are headed. Read more >>

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