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Animal Health and Welfare [DA.AHW]

    Disbudding Calves

    Disbudding calves is a common management procedure on many beef and dairy farms.  Horns pose as a potential welfare issue to cattle as well as being a potential safety risk to farmers.  

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    Livestock Monthly: Dairy

    Welcome to the March 2021 episode of our livestock monthly podcasts episodes hosted by Beef Specialist Robert Ramsay of SAC Consulting, in this episode we talk dairy with specialist Lorna…

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    Antibiotic Usage Tool

    Antibiotics are vitally important when required on farms, but we must all play a part in ensuring they are available and can be used effectively for many years to come.  Antibiotics are primarily only effective against bacterial infections and have no action against viruses.

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    Animal Health Is Wealth

    Your opportunity to listen back to our Animal Health is Wealth webinar. Veterinary health planning is widely recognised for its value in terms of improving animal welfare and its economic…

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    Selective dry cow therapy

    There is increasing pressure to reduce antibiotic use in the dairy industry and selective dry cow therapy can help towards this. Using individual cell count data and mastitis history is…

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    Dairy cow lameness

    Lameness is a huge welfare issue in the dairy industry. One of the most common causes of lameness is digital dermatitis and effective footbathing is an important part of controlling…

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