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Animal Health Is Wealth

Your opportunity to listen back to our Animal Health is Wealth webinar.

Veterinary health planning is widely recognised for its value in terms of improving animal welfare and its economic benefits. Farmers don’t often fully appreciate the real cost of disease, especially when a vet invoice isn’t received for treatment. The cost of disease and other ailments such as lameness and pneumonia greatly impact on performance and fertility which has a severe welfare, financial and economic consequence.

This webinar combines expertise from a Tim Geraghty from SRUC Veterinary Services covering the process and benefits of health planning, and Dr Lis King, a Senior Research Scientist in AHDB Beef and Lamb’s Animal Health and Welfare Team covering the financial and economic benefits of health planning followed by a Q&A session.

This is particularly topical at the moment as the recent Sustainable Agricultural Capital Grant Scheme awarded extra ‘green’ points to applicants who had a vet approved health plan. With on farm use of antibiotics under close review, health planning is a vital component of increasing the performance and sustainability of businesses.

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