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Animal Health [SS.FC.AH]

    Enzootic Abortion of Ewes (EAE)

    Enzootic abortion of ewes (EAE) is the most common infectious cause of abortion in sheep in the UK. This factsheet is part of the Sustainable Sheep Systems series and covers what…

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    Preventing Watery Mouth

    A product that some sheep farmers use at lambing time, Spectam Scour Halt, has supply issues and therefore will not be available for the coming lambing season.  Spectam Scour Halt (active ingredient: spectinomycin) is the only licensed oral antibiotic for watery mouth prevention in neonatal lambs.

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    Mineral Supplementation

    Forage crops are good high energy and protein feeds; however, minerals (particularly trace elements) are low in forage crops.  Therefore, mineral supplementation is advised where forage crops make up a large proportion of the animal’s ration.  The silage/hay fed alongside forage crops will provide some additional minerals however, forage crops are low in most of the trace elements.

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