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Compliance [BE.CO]

    Cattle Record Keeping

    This factsheet has been created to highlight the up-to-date requirements for cattle record keeping in Scotland. Since October 2021 all cattle births, deaths and movements must now be reported to…

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    New regulations around slurry management

    The start of the new year brought us consolidation and clarification of existing regulations under the Water Environment (Controlled Activities) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 2021. Both existing rules and new measures…

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    Reducing the Environmental Impact of Silage Bales

    Baling silage is generally a more expensive way of making silage compared to clamp storage and silage quality tends not to be quite as good.  As baler technology develops, the quality and quantity of silage in a bale is increasing.  However, the environmental issue of plastic use and disposal remains a big concern with baled silage.

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    What Antibiotic Should I Choose?

    Responsible use of antibiotics should be at the forefront of all our minds – should I use antibiotics?  What antibiotic should I use?  Are other treatments more appropriate?  This guide, along with discussion with your vet should assist with key decisions surrounding antibiotic use.

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    Tagging Calves – Top Tips For Successful Tag Application

    Ensuring young calves are tagged correctly is an essential part of the cattle identification system.  The tagging rules require young calves to be double tagged with two identically numbered ear tags within 20 days of birth.  For dairy calves one ear tag must be applied within 36 hours of birth with the secondary tag applied within 20 days. 

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