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Farm Woodland

    TN690 – Protecting Young Woodlands from Vole Damage

    For many years grant schemes have encouraged farmers to create new woodlands using broadleaved species. Woodlands on agricultural land have to face a variety of problems especially weed competition and animal damage. Successfully establishing a young woodland requires careful attention to design detail and several years of maintenance. Unfortunately many woodlands do not receive the attention they require and high levels of tree mortality occur. In some cases the owners have had to repay grants to the Forestry Commission.

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    Farm Forestry for Profit – Event Summary

    At the recent event at Auchintender we saw that better land forestry planting and maintenance can be largely mechanised, leading to a great reduction in establishment costs. Grant income can exceed the costs and in many cases it is possible to gain extra income from the sale of carbon credits.

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    A clear road ahead (FWN 29)

    From a small farm estate to a large clear-fell contract, pre-planning and good contract management is essential. Roadside felling can be just one of the many hazards and constraints that…

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