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Health Planning [BE.RA.HP]

    Technical Note (TN 743): Johne’s Disease In Cattle

    Johne’s disease (also known as paratuberculosis) is an infectious wasting condition of cattle and other ruminants. It results in progressive damage to the intestines of affected animals and in cattle results in profuse and persistent diarrhoea.

    While cattle remain susceptible to infection throughout their life, they are at their most vulnerable in the first few months of life. The advanced clinical signs of the disease (diarrhoea and weight loss) are rarely seen in cattle under two years of age. Most commonly these clinical signs are seen in cattle aged three to five years.

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    Keeping Water Clean For Livestock

    With cattle now out to grass, it is worth remembering to empty and clean out water troughs to stop stale and potentially dirty, contaminated water sitting in troughs until cattle are housed again. 

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    Johne’s Disease – Control Options Post Turnout

    Johne’s disease causes significant financial loss within beef herds reducing fertility and productivity.  It is also a significant welfare concern because clinically affected animals have severe diarrhoea and suffer from weight loss.  Early detection and removal of infected stock from the herd is a crucial part of controlling the disease. 

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    Cattle Health Factsheet

    This factsheet aims to highlight the general considerations for cattle health and what to look out for. It should be used as a guide for when to seek veterinary advice, rather than being used to decide when an animal requires treatment. However, prevention is better than cure as once an animal has become ill, any treatment may only be symptomatic, not curative.

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    Animal Health is Wealth (podcast)

    Following on from Animal Health is Wealth webinar, James Orr talks to The Woodlands Trust Scotland farmer Janet Pringle and her vet, Rhona Anderson of Forth Valley Vets, about their experience…

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    Animal Health Is Wealth

    Your opportunity to listen back to our Animal Health is Wealth webinar. Veterinary health planning is widely recognised for its value in terms of improving animal welfare and its economic…

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