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Input Management [SS.IM]

    Phosphorus Management and the Relationship Between Differing Soils Capacity to Regulate P Availability for Plant Uptake in Scotland

    A novel soil specific approach to P management has allowed better use of soil reserves to reduce P fertiliser by using differing soils capacity to regulate P availability for plant uptake and improve sustainability of food production. The approach is novel as it is the first to make use of high-resolution spatial data directly in nutrient use recommendations.

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    Considerations For Outwintering Spring Calving Suckler Cows

    Outwintering spring calving suckler cows has many advantages.  It can reduce keeping costs, saving on bedding and feed if forage stocks are tight and free up shed space.  It can also help manage body condition, especially if cows are fit going into the winter.  However, careful management is required to ensure that cows do not lose too much condition before calving.

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    Balancing Silage For Growing/ Finishing Cattle

    Silage quality is variable, 1st cut beef and sheep pit silage is on average slightly higher in energy, however, is lower in crude protein compared to 2nd cut.  This is similar in 2nd cut bales which have also analysed higher in protein compared to 1st cut bales. 

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    Reducing Labour at Lambing

    The lambing period can be extremely labour intensive. In this video we provide some simple, low cost tips to ‘tweak’ the system to reduce labour and now is the time…

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