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Nature Maintenance and Restoration [SS.EF.NMR]

    Protecting Atlantic Salmon

    At COP28 the decision was taken by the International Union for Conservation of Nature to reassess the status of Atlantic salmon, moving it from a species of “least concern” to…

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    Recognising Healthy Peatlands

    In this video, Dr Lorna Cole from SAC Consulting discusses how to recognise degraded peatlands with Laura Curtis-Moss from East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative. Related FAS Resources Protecting Scotland’s Peatlands…

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    Peatland Restoration

    In this video the SAC Consulting team up with peatland experts from East Ayrshire Coalfield Environment Initiative to help landowners navigate through a peatland restoration project: from finding funding, to…

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    Hedgerow Restoration and Management

    Healthy hedgerows are truly multifunctional. They capture and store carbon, stockproof fields and enhance biosecurity, provide shade and shelter for livestock and they slow and regulate water flows and trap…

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