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Rural Business

    AgriBusiness News February 2021

    The February edition is now available to download and read here. Along with the regular articles on policy, cereals, beef, potatoes, sheep and milk, this month we have feature articles…

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    Viable Small-scale Horticulture

    Having a diverse range of enterprises within a business just makes sense, where possible and practical having multiple facets to a business can increase income potential, sustainability and make use…

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    Sheep Health Factsheet

    This factsheet aims to highlight the general considerations for sheep health and what to look out for.  It should be used as a guide for when to seek veterinary advice,…

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    Sheep management in coastal areas

    Sheep and Grassland Specialist Poppy Frater talks to Richard Briggs of Briggs Shetland Lamb – a company which sells Shetland lamb across the country from London to Lerwick.  We discuss…

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