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Advertising, Interviews and Packages

Sourcing applicants to vacant jobs is becoming increasingly challenging. There are so many factors to think about when putting a vacancy on the market; where to advertise? What do potential applicants want to know in the advert? Is my job attractive to potential applicants? How do I make it more attractive, so people apply?



Advertising Interviews and Packages

A webinar series in conjunction with Greenburn HR tackled these very topics of advertising and what you can offer as part of the wider job package to make your vacancy more attractive to potential applicants.

Check out both the recordings below where we hear Greenburn’s expertise and some great farming recruitment examples.

Advertising for Applicants to the Agricultural World

Hear from Greenburn HR on the topic of Advertising for Applicants to farming jobs. Sourcing labour is becoming increasingly hard so check out this webinar recording to see if there are any changes you can make to your approach to get a greater number or range of applicants. Read more>>

Making Your Farm an Attractive Place to Work

Sourcing a range of applicants to farm jobs is getting significantly harder and businesses are starting to think about what they can offer as part of the wider job package to attract more applicants. In this webinar recording, Greenburn HR offer expertise and knowledge on this topic with some great examples from Scottish farming businesses. Read more>>



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