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Forestry Grant Scheme Update (Autumn 2019 FWN 33)

27 October 2019

Extra £5 million for Woodland Creation in 2019-2020

2018-2019 was a record-breaking year, with 11,200 hectares of new woodlands planted, exceeding the Scottish Government’s annual target of 10,000 hectares.  The target for 2019-2020 has been increased to 12,000 hectares with £5 million additional funding secured to help achieve this.  Scottish Forestry is encouraging applications for the current financial year as demand for 2020-2021 grants is already high.  If you are planning woodland creation in the next financial year and could realistically bring forward the project, or part of the work (e.g. fencing) speak to your local Scottish Forestry Conservancy Office.

Nursery Plant Supply

The increase of annual planting targets, coupled with the replanting of woods felled for timber, means the demand for new plants will continue to rise.  If you are planning to plant new woodlands or fell existing trees, it’s highly advisable to reserve the plants you need as early as possible.

Initial planting rate change for ploughed sites

The payment rates for the initial planting of new woodlands have been reviewed and amended to reflect the variation in the cost of using different cultivation methods.  The standard payment rates are based on the cost per hectare of mounding, which is more expensive than ploughing.  Woodland creation applications that propose to use any type of ploughing must now claim a reduced Initial Planting payment rate.  The change applies to the following Woodland  Creation options: Conifer; Diverse Conifer; Broadleaves; Small of Farm Woodlands.  Applications for other options, and for using other forms of ground preparation, are still eligible for the full standard Initial Planting payment rates.

Deer fencing rate change

The grant paid towards deer fencing costs for woodland creation has been reviewed and increased from £6.80/m to £7.60/m.  The payment rate for deer fencing in areas eligible for the high-cost deer fencing rate has not changed.

New grant funding rate for march stock fences

There is a new grant funding rate for installing new stock march fencing as part of woodland creation or woodland improvement grants.  If you propose a new stock fence, for which you and a neighbouring landowner share responsibility, as part of an application,  this new capital item can be claimed at a rate of £2.75/m.  Additionally, you and the neighbouring landowner must complete a Shared Boundary Agreement Form and submit this with your application.  Grant payment rates and conditions for non-march fences remain the same.

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