Argyll Small Woods Cooperative – Designing and Managing Woods for Shelter


This event is funded by the Woodland Trust

The event will cover the following topics:

• The theory of shelter – how wind and trees interact

• Warming up the farm

• Blending shelter with the other benefits of woodlands

• How shelter can benefit the farm business

• Linking woods and hedges together to form a habitat network

• Support for establishing new shelter and agroforestry

The event will be led by Donald McPhillimy

Donald is a Forester, who runs a farm woodland design & planting business. Over 10 years, the business has planted more than 1.5 million trees. Donald has advised many people on their woodlands throughout Scotland, run woodland training courses and led on the new hutting movement in Scotland.

The event will be hosted by David Young of Glencraigs farm

David Young is the fourth generation of Youngs at Glencraigs. He has a herd of 70 Aberdeen Angus suckler cows and followers.

David wants to ‘make the farm more attractive’ and his enthusiasm for trees is apparent. 19 years ago there were only 20 trees on the farm; now there is an eclectic mix of commercial and environmental planting which sits well in an otherwise open landscape. There is a block of commercial softwoods and four areas of broadleaves planted predominantly for environmental benefit.