Scottish Forestry – Walking and Talking with Phil Knott


Phil will introduce attendees to the award winning Wildlife Croft and its very productive 3.8 ha. Scottish Forestry will discuss how the croft has developed from its initial areas of trees, benefiting the croft in multiple ways providing shelter for the poly tunnel, providing firewood and charcoal through coppicing.

The further planting of 3000 trees, fruit trees, hedges, shrubs and creating wildflower meadow and ponds with the croft now a haven for biodiversity. This croft is truly making the most of what you have got. Scottish Forestry will also look at the initial thought process, the decision to plant trees, objectives, challenges and benefits and future plans.

There will also be a Croft woodland advisor from Woodland Trust joining who can advise on the funding and advice they can offer.

Tea, coffee, and biscuits will be provided. Find out about the Network, its hosts and useful info here