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Record Keeping & Benchmarking

Livestock records can be a complicated and daunting aspect of running a farming business to get your head round, but it’s a very important one for various reasons.

Livestock identification and records are covered by Scottish, UK and EU law. These have been put in place to aid animal traceability and are mandatory.  The links below, will aid in understanding the requirements for record keeping for sheep.

a small flock of 9 sheep standing looking towards the camera when standing on a rocky crag with lush green grass in the background.

Why Tag and Record Sheep? (TN676)

This Technical Note outlines the importance of tagging and recording. Read more>>

A Guide to Keeping Sheep

Want to start a flock but not sure where to begin? This guide outlines all steps to consider when keeping sheep, from sourcing land to purchasing, breeding, health and feed. Read more>>

Sheep Record Keeping Do's and Don't's

A quick guide on what to do and what not to do when keeping records of sheep. Read more>>

Sheep Record Keeping Factsheet

The aim of this factsheet is to summarise the key details of sheep record keeping.  It can be used as a guide to find out what is expected from you as a producer to meet legislative and traceability requirements. Read more>>

Webinars & Videos

Sheep Record Keeping Webinar

Is sheep record keeping a challenging part of your farm business or are you a new entrant who wants to know more about sheep records? This recorded online event features an update from SAC Consulting consultant, Rebecca McBain who summarised key aspects of sheep record keeping, including stock identification, movement of stock and medicine records to help streamline the record keeping process. Read more>>

Cattle and Sheep Record Keeping Video Series

Do you find keeping up with livestock record keeping regulations challenging? This series of short videos will guide you through the key requirements to ensure your business is compliant with the legislative and traceability regulations.  Read more>>

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