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Best Practice For Good Silage Making 

In this short video SAC Consulting dairy specialist Lorna MacPherson discusses the process of producing the best quality baled silage. Read more>>

Grassland Weed Identification

Wondering what the weeds in your grassland are and how to deal with them? In this video SAC Consulting agricultural consultant Finlay Ross discusses how to identify and control common weeds in grassland including. Read more>>

Shearing Sheep and Control of Blowfly Strike

Are you new to keeping sheep and wondering when to shear your sheep? Or what to do with the wool after shearing? In this short video SAC Consulting's Willie Budge gives an overview of when to shear sheep, what to do with the wool afterwards and how to control and prevent blowfly strike. Read more>>

Weaning Lambs - Best practice

In this video SAC Consulting's Willie Budge gives an overview of what you need to consider when deciding to wean lambs and shares some top tips to minimise stress during this time. Read more>>

Marketing Lambs

Choosing how to effectively market lambs starts before the ewe breeding season even starts. In this short video, Johnny Williams from Farmstock Ltd covers the principles of selling lambs store or prime and what market trends can influence price throughout the year.  Read more>>

Flock Pre-Breeding Checks

In this short video, Alistair Smith from Tinto Vets explains what pre-breeding checks should be carried out within the flock before the tupping season gets underway. Ensuring both ewe and tup health is optimum is key to maximising scanning percentages and profitability. Read more>> 

Preparing for Winter Housing

In this short video SRUC VIO Megan Fergusson gives an overview of what you should be doing to prepare for housing and highlights the common health conditions including pneumonia that occur around this time of year, with practical tips to minimise the risk in your cattle. Read more>>

Getting Started with Rotational Grazing

Rotational grazing increases the grass ultilisation on farm and leads to greater production of meat, milk, and wool per hectare, while also reducing feed and fertiliser requirements. In this video SAC sheep & grassland specialist Poppy Frater defines the 3-week, 3-day rotational grazing system and new entrant farmer Michael Blanche of Culteuchar Farm shares his experience of rotational grazing and his top tips for others getting started. Read more >>

A Year In Review

2022 has been a year of many challenges; resilience and the ability to adapt quickly have been key to survival this year. We catch up with three SAC Consultants and one SRUC VIO to reflect on these main challenges and look forward to planning for 2023 to see what mitigations can be put in place now and where costs can be saved. Read more >>

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