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Aberdeenshire Soil & Nutrient Network: 3rd Meeting (Inverurie) – Event Summary

20 February 2018

Did you know that one hectare of soil can contain 3.5 tonnes of fungi, 1.5 tonnes of bacteria and between 1-5 tonnes of invertebrates? 

The importance of soil biological activity was highlighted by Professor Bryan Griffiths at the final meeting of the Aberdeenshire Soil and Nutrient Network.  Farmers are used to testing their soil chemistry and many are becoming more familiar with assessing soil physical structure.  Now, attention is increasingly focused on soil biology as methods of measuring all aspects of soil health are being developed.  Read Bryan’s presentation slides by using this link

CatchmFarming & Water Scotland Logoent co-ordinator Pete Wright spoke about the work SEPA is doing to engage with farmers in the River Don catchment to encourage measures to reduce diffuse pollution from soil and river bank erosion.  You can read more about reducing diffuse pollution and keeping on the right side of the rules, as well as finding out more about Scotland’s Diffuse Pollution Priority Catchments at

East Balhagalrdy Farm is one of 12 host farms across Scotland as part of the Soil & Nutrient Network.  These farms are taking a ‘before and after’ look at how to protect and improve farm soils and make best use of both organic and inorganic fertilisers, saving money, benefitting yields and improving farm efficiency and resilience.

Read our East Balhalgardy Case Study to find out more about this group.  Use the links to read event summaries for the first and second events.

You can read more about some of the other and historic host farms on the Farming & Water Scotland webpage.

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