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Greening & NVZ Compliance: Forfar – Event Summary

20 February 2018

There have been subtle changes to the Greening Rules for 2018

The morning started at the Plough Inn in Forfar, with a good attendance. Gillian Innman spoke during the morning session giving farmers a recap on the greening rules before talking the group through new changes to the rules and options available. Gillian then went through possible pitfalls by explaining why businesses failed inspections in 2017.  The information from Gillian’s presentation is available to download using this link.Annette Marshall giving a presentation at the Forfar Greening & NVZ compliance meeting

During the afternoon session, Annette Marshall gave a presentation about Nitrate Vulnerable Zones. Annette gave an indepth summary of the regulations associated with NVZ’s, highlighting the necessity of farm records and detailing what exactly is required from farmers. Both sessions were followed by question and answer sessions.  Use this link to read Annette’s presentation slides.

Subtle changes to the Greening rules such as the inclusion of hedges and the removal of plant protection products on N-fixing crops may change the way some farmers meet their greening requirements. It is important to plan ahead to ensure you can meet the rules and maximise the benefits on your farm.

Although there haven’t been many changes to the NVZ rules it is still important to keep farm records up to date and ensure that fertiliser applications do not exceed the NMAX for any crop type. Marking middens on RAMS maps and being able to prove increased yields in arable crops also play a significant role to ensure the rules aren’t breached.

You can download a copy of PLANET software to help maintain your nutrient records.  “PLANET (Planning Land Applications of Nutrients for Efficiency and the environmenT) is a nutrient management decision support tool for use by farmers and advisers in England/Wales and Scotland for field level nutrient planning and for assessing and demonstrating compliance with the Nitrate Vulnerable Zone (NVZ) rules.”

Please use the links below to download the information sheets from the event and related material.


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Annette Marshall giving a presentation at the Forfar Greening & NVZ compliance meeting

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