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Integrated Crop Management & New Technologies Roadshow: Inverness – Event summary

2 November 2017

Integrated Crop Management & Control of Pests

The evening event was held at Tulloch Caledonian Stadium to update farmers on Crop and Soil Research.

Professor Bryan Griffiths, soil scientist and Chair in Soil ecology, gave an informative presentation on the wide range of factors influencing soils, organic matter, carbon and fertility. This provoked good questions on cropping, cultivation techniques and use of green cover crops. Brian also covered the availibility of web-based soil maps and involved the audience in how they would like to see the presentation of soil analysis results covering a wider range of data.  Read Bryan’s .presentation slides here.a black slug gliding across winter grass

Dr Andy Evans covered alternative management of leatherjackets and slugs given the withdrawal of methiocarb for slugs and chloropyrifos for leatherjackets.  You can read Andy’s presentation using this link.  There was a good range of questions from the audience.

Please use the download links below to access the information available to take away on the night.


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a black slug gliding across winter grass

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