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Skye Soil & Nutrient Network Farm: Final meeting – Event Summary

22 February 2018

This meeting was a review of the work so far with the Skye Soil & Nutrient Network group at Waternish Farm

One of the videos was showcased and the remainder are available as a playlist on the FASScot YouTube channel.  These videos strongly focus on the environmental benefits of managing the nutrients for corncrake and wading birds.

Our stocking judging class with a difference included which trees are more suitable for acidic conditions.  The species in the class as judged by SAC forester Douglas Priest were from the most to least happy in acidic soil conditions were :

  1. Downy birch
  2. Hazel
  3. Alder
  4. Wild Cherry

Please see our tree video to help you pick the best tree for your croft or farm.

We also watched videos shot at the Waternish Nutrient with RSPB Scotland Network Farm

  • Creating Habitats for Corncrakes
  • Introduction to CorncrakeWinners of the Skye SNN Woodlands stock judging competition
  • Corncrakes need Active Crofting
  • Planting Nettles

Waternish Farm is also important for Waders please see video on the relationship between soil pH and wading birds.

The winners of the Stockjudging were 1st Austin Little 2nd Farqhuar MacRae they won a free soil sample and a box of chocolates.

Use these links to read the event summary from the first and second meetings of this group.

Waternish Farm is one of 12 host farms across Scotland as part of the Soil & Nutrient Network.  These farms are taking a ‘before and after’ look at how to protect and improve farm soils and make best use of both organic and inorganic fertilisers, saving money, benefitting yields and improving farm efficiency and resilience.

You can read more about some of the other and historic host farms on the Farming & Water Scotland webpage.

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