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Growing Organic Vegetables for a Box Scheme – Bridgefoot Organics

Bridgefoot Organics is a long established organic vegetable growing business that grows a wide variety of vegetables for customers in North East Scotland.  Matthew Touche explains the background to the business, and how they provide a range of seasonal vegetables for 50 weeks of the year, overcoming problems such as weeds, pests and diseases. Read more >>

Managing a Mixed Farming Enterprise Organically – Knock Farm

Roger Polson & Tom Mutter explain how the farm at Knock has been managed organically for the last 15 years, and explain why they became organic, and how it put a whole new challenge into farming. Read more >>

Direct Retailing from a Poultry, Dairy, Beef, Sheep & Arable farm – Lower Mill of Tynet Farm

Gordon & June Whiteford are 1st generation farmers, who have built up their farming business over the last 10 years at Lower Mill of Tynet.  Their story is an inspiring one of continual investment into building up a sustainable farming business, that has taken Gordon around the world as a Nuffield Farming Scholar to learn more about poultry farming, and the benefits of rearing white feathered hens. Read more >>

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