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Agribusiness News June 2024

Posted: Friday, 31 May 2024

Welcome to the June edition of Agribusiness News.  If you prefer to download this document click the download button.

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With barbecue season upon us, lamb prices are currently smoking hot, with no signs of cooling in the short term linked to high levels of demand as the Muslim Festival of Sacrifice – Eid-al-Adha or Qurbani approaches. However, with beef supply currently exceeding demand,  to avoid an own goal, this month’s beef article highlights the importance of linking marketing campaigns to big sporting events like Euro 2024 to subtly drive up demand for all cuts of meat.

With the Agriculture and Rural Communities Bill now at the third and final stage in the consultation process, this month’s article on future agricultural support gives an overview of the proposed move from a two to a four Tier support system – Base, Enhanced, Elective and Complementary, potentially adding a new avian sounding acronym BEEC to our everyday vocabulary.

This month’s policy brief section highlights the inclusion of new grant conditions linked to the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policies for workers and the UK wide Action Plan to try to reduce the threat of anti-microbial resistance.

When it comes to staking your claim from a land management perspective, our article this month on Land Registration highlights that for a land based exercise, it isn’t always plain sailing.

With the show season underway and election campaigns starting to ramp up, all eyes and ears are on how each political party factors in the importance of UK agriculture, not just in terms of its importance in feeding the nation but the important role it plays in managing the countryside and in supporting the rural economy.

Next month:

  • Blue Tongue update
  • Local Food Supply Chains

This month’s editor:

Christine Beaton