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Beef Production in South America

In this webinar, we heard first hand from Allan Cameron, who runs a large farming operation in Argentina. Allan is an Argentinian who can trace his roots quickly back to Scotland, through his Uncle, John Cameron from Balbuthie.  Allan was tour guide for a young farmers Agri Affairs study tour to Argentina in 2014.

With Brexit looming large on the horizon, it is likely that Scottish agriculture will be more exposed to foreign competition.

Argentina is an agricultural super-power and is one of the biggest beef exporters in the world.  Utilising it’s favourable climate and vast areas of arable land, Argentina has developed low cost production systems for mass production of many commodities.

With a world renowned beef industry, as well as an arable sector producing huge volumes of Soya, Wheat, Maize and many other crops, Argentina plays a major role in feeding the world.  This webinar is a unique opportunity to hear how their industry works, first hand from an Argentinian farmer.

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