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Croft & Small Farms: A Season with Cattle – Bull Hire for Crofters

Small herds are very common in the crofting counties and co-operation is key to their success.

An important co-operative measure is the sharing of bulls and many make use of the Scottish Government Crofting Cattle Improvement Scheme.

The benefits of co-operating with neighbours with this scheme include:

  • Reduced cost per cow served
  • High Health bulls are provided
  • Reduced risk, as the bull stud will provide a replacement if the bull has an accident or stops working

Do you want to learn more about the Scottish Government Bull hire scheme for crofters?

We are delighted that John Cowan, Farm manager gave up his time to tell us more about the workings of the scheme. This meeting is suitable for people who use the bull hire scheme or those who are interested in using it in the future.

You can find resources mentioned in the video here

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