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Crofting Matters – Common Grazing Finances: Common Issues

We are at Dornie hall, talking to clerks and committee members about the issues they face when trying to run the common grazing, especially when it comes to finances.  Firstly, we talk with Finlay Beaton from the Crofting Commission, about the problems that they deal with and the solutions for clerks. Finlay also has the advantage of having worked with RPID, so also understands the grant and subsidy systems.  Arthur Macdonald adds his take from years of running finance training, working with landlords and crofters, and working at the CC.  These meetings are continuing around the crofting counties, so if you are a clerk, book on!

We cover:

Common themes such as monitoring and accounting for funds, who is responsible for the funds; how and who to bring onto your committee; how to set it up; the difference between CG and clubs; vacant crofts

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