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Finance Forms for Common Grazings

Common Grazings are unique in that their structure differs to other co-operative groups, and their rules depend on Crofting Law as well as the CG’s own set of Regulations.

To make life easier for clerks, committee members and shareholders, in this section you will find useful templates for looking after the grazing funds, a video introduction from Arthur MacDonald who explains why CG committees need to use these templates, and a video instruction of how to complete the forms.

Forms are available in Word, so that you can download and type into them; also as pdf so that you can print them to write on them; also as Excel so that you can download and let Excel do the calculations.

Common Grazing finances can be bewildering – but they don’t have to be!  Listen to Arthur MacDonald explain what committees need to do and tools and resources that are available to help them.

Step By Step Guides

Step by step guide to completing the annual Grazing Fund paperwork

Step by step guide to accounting for improvements through CAGS

Financing Improvements on a Common Grazing

'Improvements’ on a Common Grazing refer to new or substantial upgrades to fixed equipment items such as fanks, handling systems, dippers, fences to create new parks and so on. Read more >>

Useful Forms

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