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Farmers in the Field Video Case Studies


  • Promote sustainable farming methods and regenerative agricultural practices through the transfer of knowledge
  • Offer lower cost, higher gain alternatives to current practices
  • Highlight the benefits both economically and environmentally with focus on soil improvement for carbon capture
  • Provide a resource that is accessible across all of Scotland, with emphasis on rural areas
  • Promote co-operation and collaboration within the farming community

What the initiative involved;

  • The creation of 3 video case studies on the environmental benefits of applying (1) organic compost and (2) digestate to land, and on the (3) benefits of grass in an arable rotation for the production of biomethane. Case study videos were presented at a Sustainable Agricultural Event, followed by questions and discussion, with experts in attendance.

What was achieved;

  • Three videos were created that can be used as a resource for knowledge sharing in the future, new connections were formed through networking at the event and interested was garnered in more environmentally friendly agricultural practices.

Agroecology: Facilitating Mindset Change


Running a crofting township food hub with Helen O’Keefe and Tessa Dorrian, Elphin


Regenerative grazing with Nikki Yoxall, Grampian Graziers


NoFence Collar Technology with Domhnall Macsween, Isle of Lewis



Agroforestry with Roger Howison, Parkhill Farm



Pasture fed in the Borders with Matt Griffin, Edston Farm



Recording video footage for the annual Crop Trials event at Caulshiel

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