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Fife Soil & Nutrient Network – An Introduction to Edenwood Farm (Webinar)


This is a recording of the launch webinar event for the 2020 Fife Soil & Nutrient Network and introduces our hosts Mr Michael Jamie Black & Mr Ian Rankin of Edenwood Farms.

Edenwood is an intensively run lowland Fife farm. It grows a mix of carrots, lettuce, leafy brassicas and potatoes alongside cereals and beans. The vegetables are grown for Kettle Produce Ltd and are sold to most supermarkets throughout Scotland.

Find out more about Edenwood and the other current and previous Soil & Nutrient Network host farms on our Soil & Nutrient Network page.

A photo of a title slide from the Fife Soil & Nutrient Network webinar held in July. There are green arable fields in the background with trees lining the field perimeters, the sky is bright blue with fluffy white clouds and the foreground is filled with a blue title box filled with the words 'Fife Soil & Nutrient Network - an introduction to Edenwood Farm'.

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