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Podcast: The Thrill of The Hill – Beef Upland Grazing Strategies

For a long time now cattle and ruminants generally have been targeting for their roles in warming the planet, fair or unfair, the beef industry in Scotland is going through some tremendous changes at the moment in an attempt to balance productivity with climate and biodiversity decline concerns. In episode two of the Thrill of the Hill series the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) talks to beef specialist and local farmer, Robert Ramsay (SAC) about getting cattle back out on the hills, for the benefit of the farmed upland environment. Also, up for discussion are topics like public perception of the beef industry, considerations for native and continental production systems, summer hill grazing strategies and the role of carbon auditing and government policy for farm support.

Visit The Thrill of The Hill webpage to listen to all episodes in the series.

Beef Heifer and calf

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