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Rotational Grazing Vlog: Leader Follower Grazing



Leader-follower grazing is where a priority group graze the best grass and the follower group tidy up behind them. In this video Jamie shows his leader-follower system and discusses how this has been beneficial to his lamb weaning weights.

He mentions the grass cover is two and a half tonnes [dry matter per hectare or kg DM/ha] this is roughly 8cm and the Sheep graze down to 1950 [kg dry matter per hectare or kg DM/ha], roughly 6cm. The cows and calves then graze down to 1500 [kg dry matter per hectare or kg DM/ha], around 4cm, to keep the sward green and leafy. He gets these figures by measuring the grass with a rising plate meter. Quantifying the grass in this way helps understand the feed quantity, centimetres can work find for this purpose, but kilograms of dry matter per hectare would be required for feed budgeting – comparing feed supply with animal demand.

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