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Rural Roundup – A Spotlight on Rural Policy, a Peek at the Scottish Farm Business Survey Results, and Farmer Networks for Livestock Projects

Welcome back to the Rural Roundup. This show is produced in association with the Scottish Government. On today’s episode Kerry hears from Farm Advisors, Tiffany, and George who are joined by SRUC’s Steven Thomson, (Reader in Agricultural Economics and Policy) to spotlight what is happening in rural policy.

Sascha Grierson, Principal Consultant for the Scottish Farm Business Survey, joins us to give us some insight from the latest Survey results, hot off the press from March 30th.

And we’re joined by Dr Claire Morgan-Davies a livestock systems scientist at SRUC who tells us what’s on her desk and highlights some interesting projects for Farmers to get involved with.

Hosted by Kerry Hammond and edited by Kieron Sim. Executive Producer Kerry Hammond. In association with the Scottish Government

Show Notes 

01:04- Rural Roundup policy spotlight with Steven Thomson
22:54-Scottish Farm Business Survey Results
36:33- What’s on your desk – Claire Morgan Davies

45:54- Resources and next episode information

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