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Video: Crop rotation trials

Woodlands Old Rotation – a crop rotation trial started in 1922 at SRUC’s Craibstone Campus near Aberdeen (Scotland) demonstrating the influence of long term (almost 100 years) fertiliser treatments on different crops using nutrient replacement scenarios of N, P and K.

For a timelapse journey looking at the effect on the crops through a season across the different N, P and K treatments, click here.

You will also find in information on technical details and a timelapse of another LTE in the field highlighting the importance of soil pH (using a gradient from pH4.5 to pH 7.5) on the different crops in an 8 course rotation. The technical video can be found here and the timelapse video here.


The experiment has been funded by a range of sources over the years, but is currently within the Scottish Government RESAS research programme.

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