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Webinar Recording: Getting A Start With Joint Venture Farming



The third of our series of “A new Start” webinars, looking at joint ventures.

With land become harder to come by and a genuine barrier to entry into the agricultural sector it is important to assess all of the options available when planning a new business venture. We take a look at contract and share farming agreements with industry specialists and farm managers at the forefront of these unique business models.

Standing in the shadow of Brexit and the uncertainty around it, with radical changes on the way we will need equally radical and innovative approaches to the challenges of the future. Each of our speakers, Ian Davidson OBE and William Stevenson have a wealth of knowledge and experience, they are prepared to tell their stories, answer your questions and cut through the jargon. William manages multiple contract farming agreements across north and south Ayrshire as well as his own upland farm at Ballantrae. While Ian is a specialist advisor with the Scottish Land Matching Service. Who aim to match up and assist business partners in such agreements. Contract and share farming agreements can be attractive alternatives to outright ownership of land, allowing those involved to build up capital and assets with greater control of risks. At the same time business models like these can aid succession planning, allowing those looking to slow down or retire to scale back their activity in a controlled, carefully manner.

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