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Winter Agronomy Digital Roadshows 2021: Crop selection and variety performance

To coincide with the launch of the new SRUC Scottish Cereals list, this presentation will update the top choices for 2021/22.

The spring barley list has been consolidated with the main choices being the dual-purpose distilling and brewing varieties Laureate and LG Diablo, along with the distilling variety KWS Sassy. Fairing remains on the list as the only fully approved grain distilling variety. Looking ahead, SY Tungsten and Firefoxx will continue to be evaluated commercially for malting use in Scotland. With few candidates suited to distilling, the current list will be crucial for meeting market and agronomic needs for the next 2-3 years.

The winter barley list include three new two-row feed varieties plus two new six-row hybrids. The strengths and weaknesses of the new choices will be considered along with the current top feed choices, LG Mountain, KWS Orwell, KWS Tower, Valerie and KWS Hawking. The six-row feed category is dominated by hybrids; these will be ranked according to their yield and agronomic performance.

The Scottish winter wheat list has been increased to eighteen varieties, will 11 of these being suitable for distilling. A new soft-feed and distilling variety Swallow has been added to the list, along with four new soft-milling and distilling varieties, LG Prince, LG Illuminate, LG Quasar and LG Astronomer. Agronomic value among the new and established choices will be considered.

Oher changes include a new spring feed wheat variety WPB Escape. There are no new spring or winter oat varieties for 2021/22, though several spring varieties have been removed from the list because of limited market interest or value.

All fifty-nine cereal varieties will be positioned according to their market and agronomic value. Varieties that have been removed from the list, or on their way out, will be explained.

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