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Winter Livestock Health

Winter brings with it a wealth of hazards and health issues in cattle and sheep which can all negatively impact on livestock performance and profitability. As cattle move indoors and sheep go to the tup, now is the time to ensure that your herd and flock are in good health to survive the season ahead.

Megan Fergusson, a Veterinary Investigation Officer with SRUC Vet Services, gives an overview of the common problems seen in cattle at housing, causes of ill-thrift in lambs at this time of year and the value of using cull ewes for iceberg disease screening.

Topics covered include:

  • Cattle pneumonia
  • Worms and fluke in sheep and cattle
  • Pine (cobalt deficiency) in lambs
  • Pasteurellosis in lambs
  • Iceberg diseases in sheep
Two belted galloways in a snowy field

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