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It has never been more important for farmers and land managers to have a clear understanding of the strength and resilience of their business in the face of future change or market uncertainty.

The Scottish Government is encouraging business owners and land managers to take advantage of the funding support available to them via the Farm Advisory Service (FAS), to commission an expert review of their business strengths and weaknesses and develop a resilience action plan to safeguard future operations.

Support available:

Up to £1,000 available to fund a business specialist advice* report
No requirement for a prior ILMP
Funding available until 31 March 2020
The adviser will work with the participating business to establish key performance indicators for financial resilience, analyse enterprise exposure, assess profitability and cash flow and review the balance sheet. In consultation with the business owner/representative, the adviser will identify appropriate resilience measures and actions that can be taken and develop a practical implementation plan for the business.

Businesses can apply online at here.

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