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What is Benchmarking?

Benchmarking is the practice of measuring the financial health and performance of your farming business compared to the performance of your business in the past and to similar or peer farms.

Without some standard to benchmark to, or compare, you have little idea if a measurement is good, bad or makes any difference at all.  The video on this page from the Farmers Guardian, shows how you can use a number of benchmarks to ensure maximum profitability of all your resources.  It takes an open-minded farmer to admit they could run their business better.  In the relentless drive to improve efficiency, comparing how one farm business is performing against others can be a powerful tool in highlighting where costs can be cut.

Below are a number of tools you can use to look at all aspects of your business.  If you’ve got any questions about using these tools, then give our advice line a ring on 0300 323 0161 or email to be put in touch with a farm business adviser.

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