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Crofting Matters

Crofting Matters

Crofting Matters is our dedicated crofting podcast, covering a range of topics and offering bespoke advice for crofters.

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Latest Episode:

Gary Campbell is our guest this week. Gary is the new Chief Executive of the Crofting Commission, having just started his role in January this year. With a background working in both the public and private sectors he talks us through his previous roles, his own family crofting story, what he is planning to achieve in his new CE role and his vision for the Crofting Commission. Read more >>

Previous Episodes:

Season 2:

We are at Dornie hall, talking to clerks and committee members about the issues they face when trying to run the common grazing, especially when it comes to finances.  Firstly, we talk with Finlay Beaton from the Crofting Commission, about the problems that they deal with and the solutions for clerks. Finlay also has the advantage of having worked with RPID, so also understands the grant and subsidy systems.  Arthur Macdonald adds his take from years of running finance training, working with landlords and crofters, and working at the CC.  These meetings are continuing around the crofting counties, so if you are a clerk, book on! Read more >>

Don’t miss out on the current schemes which boost income and improve animal and soil health! We discuss the PSF scheme, the future of subsidy, recent changes to the Croft House Grant and what we should all do now to prepare for the 2025 change.. Read more >>

Crofting legislation is fairly complicated and its no different when it comes to succession! Brian Inkster, well-known crofting law specialist, takes us through different scenarios and highlights what to watch out for when it comes to passing on a croft. Read more >>

It might not sound that interesting, but, especially these days, understanding what you can and should be doing with accounts and tax is important to save unnecessary expense and keep within the law. Margi Campbell, an expert in tax and vat, gives some insight into what crofters can do to improve their finances. It’s a confusing topic, but in this podcast we chat about the different terms, and what they mean in practice for crofters who are self-employed or employed, or vat registered or not. Read more >>

The Crofting Commission has recently started accepting online applications through their website for some of their crofting regulatory applications. In this episode, Siobhan Macdonald and Graham Fraser discuss which applications can now be completed online, how to go about completing them, what the benefits are of doing applications online over paper forms, and where you can access help. Read more >>

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