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Thrill of the Hill

Thrill of the Hill

In this podcast series, Thrill of the Hill, the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) explores the multitude of issues facing the farmed upland environment and how we can reconcile priorities in conflict, showcase good practice, new developments, technologies and build resilient, sustainable businesses.

Below you will find Season 3 of Thrill of the Hill. Follow the link below to listen to our older episodes!

Thril of the Hill Seasons 1 & 2


Latest Episode:

Thrill of the Hill is back! Season 3 #7 – COP26 One Year On. In this episode we hear from SAC Consulting’s Seamus Murphy as we take a look back at Scotland’s role in COP26 and review some of the highlights, shortcomings, commitments and missed opportunities from the conference. We also discuss the changing mindsets of farmers in Scotland and how to find common ground with climate marchers and protestors. Read More >>

Previous Episodes:

Thrill of the Hill is back! Season 3 #6 – Virtually Stockproof. In this episode we hear from SAC Consulting’s Malcolm Macdonald & Robert Ramsay about the increasing opportunities for virtual fencing technology in Scotland, including; benefits to stock management, habitat grazing and ease of use for the farmer. Read More >>

In this episode, we are joined by Rachel Smillie and Paul Chapman of SAC Consulting to discuss what Natural Capital is, ecosystem services, and the opportunities for farmers and crofters around Scotland as we enter unchartered territory. Read More >>

In this episode we hear from SRUC Head of Research at Kirkton & Auchentyre, Dr Davy McCracken about the reintroduction of the white-tailed eagle to Scotland, how the species is adapting to the Scottish landscape, the case for rewilding in Scotland and managing conflicts when they occur. Read More >>

In this episode we hear from Senior Renewables Consultant John Farquhar about the impacts of the Ukrainian conflict, how that is changing mindsets around energy security here in Scotland, including a discussion on the most popular renewable options for the uplands, costs around construction and some of the pitfalls to watch out for! Read More >>

In this episode we hear from Ayrshire River Trust’s Stuart Brabbs and Struan Candlish about the quality of Scotland’s water environment, factors impacting this quality, the successes of the Nature Restoration Fund and the need for a holistic approach to managing riparian habitats. Read More >>


Thrill of the Hill is back! Season 3 #1 – Talking Timber. In this episode we hear from SAC Woodland Specialist Ben Law about the current state of play in Scottish forestry, integration of woodland in the farmed upland environment, the normalisation of trees across all sectors and lessons to be taken from Storm Arwen. Read More >>

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