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Thrill of the Hill

Thrill of the Hill

In this podcast series, Thrill of the Hill, the Farm Advisory Service (FAS) explores the multitude of issues facing the farmed upland environment and how we can reconcile priorities in conflict, showcase good practice, new developments, technologies and build resilient, sustainable businesses.

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Thrill of the Hill Seasons 1 & 2


Latest Episode:

Beavers and their presence in Scotland continues to divide the agricultural community, for some they generate hope for a more nature-rich Scotland and more dynamic landscape, for others they cause damage and threaten the viability of various farm enterprises. In this episode we hear from Professor Davy McCracken and cover the positives around beaver reintroduction, the ecology of the species and the opportunities brought by them. We also discuss what to do if the challenges caused by beavers are too much, what his experience was with getting a license and the need for collaboration and knowledge transfer on the issues faced.  Read more >>

Previous Episodes:

Season 4:

Thrill of the Hill returns for season 5! In this episode, we speak to Sascha Grierson of SAC Consulting about the Farm Business Survey, Scotland’s way of establishing the state of our farming communities, benchmarking business performance and generating the data that drives decision-making at the policy level. Read more >>

In this episode of the podcast we are joined by Robert Raynor from NatureScot and Scott Newey from the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust for a discussion on hares, its place in the uplands, conservation initiatives and the outlook for the uplands in general. Read more >>

In this episode of the podcast we are joined by Bruce Farquharson from Scottish Fire and Rescue and discuss prevention of wildfires, the role of muirburning and the benefits of having a fire action plan should the worst happen! Read more >>

In this episode we welcome back Struan Candlish, two years since the Ayrshire Rivers Trust were on the podcast. We discuss the plight of species like Atlantic salmon, get an update on the Wellwood Project and other nature restoration work in Ayrshire. Read more >>

In this episode, Scott Davies, CEO of Agrecalc discusses the uptake of carbon auditing, the need for a scientific consensus of emissions and how they are calculated, the move to the cloud and the increased functionality that will allow, better, more accurate interpretation of farm results and a clearer pathway forward. Read more >>

For years now Scotland has sought to address climate change and habitat fragmentation with increased rates of tree planting, but often the end product, timber, is overlooked. Woodlands cover almost 19% of the landscape in Scotland and while not all of them are part of a productive timber rotation a significant chunk is. Timber production enriches our economy from the local to the national level, promotes employment and produces a sustainable, renewable end product. But timber processing can be detached for farming and a broader understanding of what goes on, when it does and how farmers can engage with the process can present opportunities for benefits on all sides. Read more >>

Farmland covers the Scottish landscape, between 70% and 80% of it, but farmers are not the only stakeholders in the countryside. Increasingly, the general public is interacting with farming and land management, encouraged by the prospects of adventure, points of interest, leisure, health, and well-being. Read more >>

When people think of Scotland, at some point visions of a red deer ranging across an open hill must enter the mind. Deer have become synonymous with the farmed upland environment in Scotland, bringing huge interest and benefits, but these are not without their challenges. In Scotland’s pursuit of a green, low carbon, high nature value future, deer have proven themselves obstacles to be overcome and without active management, the uplands cannot flourish. In this episode, Michael Skelly, Highland Habitats takes us through the considerations when determining if you have a deer problem and the appropriate actions required to promote a sustainable upland environment. Read more >>

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