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Feed & Forage [BE.FF]

    Protein Feed Prices Rising

    While cereal prices have eased slightly, protein prices have risen, mainly due to the increase in soya but also due to limited short-term availability of mid-protein feeds, such as distillers…

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    November Silage Update

    The SAC lab continues to receive more silages for analysis. Table 1 shows the average nutrient values of 1st and 2nd cut beef and sheep pit and bale silages. These…

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    Acorn Toxicity

    Oak trees are reported to have produced many more acorns this year compared to 2021.  These can be attractive to livestock after a period of feed restriction or following stormy…

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    Grassland Rotations Field Day

    Through an interactive demonstration we will explore the forage crops, diverse leys and crop rotations that will increase productivity from homegrown forage whilst adapting to climatic conditions, rising input costs and policy requirements.

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    Silage Analysis Update 2022

    The nutritional value of silage is determined by several factors such as grass variety, cutting date, weather, wilting period etc.  Therefore, silage should be analysed before going into the winter…

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