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Forage Crops [BE.FF.FC]

    Beef Finishing Systems

    Taking cattle to finish can be one of the most expensive periods in the beef production system, with feed conversion efficiency reducing as cattle gain liveweight approaching slaughter weight. This…

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    Grassland Rotations Field Day

    Through an interactive demonstration we will explore the forage crops, diverse leys and crop rotations that will increase productivity from homegrown forage whilst adapting to climatic conditions, rising input costs and policy requirements.

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    Transitioning Off Fodder Beet

    The importance of transitioning livestock on to fodder beet slowly, to allow the rumen bugs to adapt to the high sugar diet is well documented.  However, as calving and lambing approaches, the slow and steady approach should also be used for transitioning the livestock off the beet.

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    Forage Crop Ground Preparation

    Good ground preparation of forage crops is a large contributor to their yield potential, with a fine, firm seedbed, with the correct pH and nutrients being the ideal.  Peter Lindsay, SAC Consulting Senior Consultant discusses ground preparations in this short video.

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