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Grazing [SP.FF.GR]

    Breeding Lambs for Carcass Quality

    This event will be relevant to breeders who are interested in increasing the commercial value of their tups and also commercial sheep breeders who want to understand more about the information available to them when buying tups.

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    Systemic Pasteurellosis in Lambs

    This year there have been increased outbreaks of systemic Pasteurellosis.  While the reasons are unclear, warm wet Autumn weather may have led to increased pasture worm burdens and prolonged tick…

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    Acorn Toxicity

    Oak trees are reported to have produced many more acorns this year compared to 2021.  These can be attractive to livestock after a period of feed restriction or following stormy…

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    Bloat In Orphan Lambs

    A year of high numbers of lambs being born, inevitably means orphan lambs being reared.  One of the most common reported problems for these lambs is abomasal bloat (tympany), which is caused by harmful bacteria in the stomach that feed on the lactose, which often gains entry with unhygienic conditions and hot milk.

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