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Feed & Forage [SP.FF]

    Nutrition for Ewes Lambing in Spring

    The success of lambing relies heavily upon ensuring the ewe’s nutritional needs are met throughout pregnancy. This is particularly important in the final six weeks of pregnancy where foetal growth…

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    Sheep mineral supplementation

    Throughout the year and production cycle, the ewe goes through different phases requiring varying nutritional requirements. Part of these are minerals which are vital for growth, productivity, and immunity. Various…

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    Indoor Lambing Management

    As lambing time approaches, we tackle key challenges in this timely video, where we address colostrum, hygiene, iodine supply and reducing antibiotics at lambing time.   Related FAS Resources Planning…

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    Silage Clinic – Key Messages

    Making quality silage – what are the key influencing factors? Tips for making quality silage and minimising nutritional losses were discussed at a recent FAS event at the James Hutton…

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