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    Is Your Bull Working?

    Is Your Bull Working? Now that bulls will have been out with cows for at least one cycle it is important to make sure that cows are holding to service.…

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    Testing Requirements For Bull Sales

    Bull sale season is here once again.  For those of you with pedigree animals to sell later in the year it’s time to think about the health testing that is required for sale animals.  Most of the main breed societies endorse herd or individual animal screening for sale animals. 

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    Caesarean Cows – Breed Again?

    For those of you with cows that have had caesarean sections this spring, the question you may be asking yourself, is whether or not you rebreed these cows again.  The likelihood of a cow getting back in calf after a caesarean is fairly high depending on how well the procedure went and the cow receiving the right aftercare.

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    Bulling Thoughts

    We may be concentrating on calving at the moment, but it is time to think about what needs to be done to ensure the bull is working when he is turned out.

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