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Soil Health [AR.SO.SH]

    CropCast – Measuring a Healthy Soil

    In this episode Tiffany Mactaggart is joined by David Ross, a senior Agricultural consultant from SAC consulting along with Audrey Litterick, director of Earthcare Technical, to discuss soil health. What…

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    Nutrient Planning Workshop West

    Farmers are being faced with soaring fertiliser prices, market volatility, and pressure to reduce emissions.  Understanding the principles of a nutrient management plan can help farmers make better decisions which…

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    Evaluating Soil Quality and Testing for Soil Health Status

    At grass roots level SAC consultants are noting a growing interest in soil health from farmers and increasing numbers of questions about what SRUC can offer. Soil health is not just about having a good biological system (lots of worms, ample beneficial microbes to keep the pathogens in check) there are also physical and chemical aspects, and to have soil in ‘good heart’ you need the biology (biodiversity), physics (structure) and chemistry (pH and nutrients) in balance.

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    Earthworms for Soil Health

    Healthy soil will have good biodiversity (biology), optimum pH level and nutrients (chemistry) and good physical structure (physics).  By ensuring all three aspects of the soil are maintained, soils can…

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