Unearthing Local Views on Peatland Management


Have your say about what equitable and sustainable peatland restoration looks like.

As we aim to deliver our climate goals and achieve Net Zero by 2045, we must do so in a just, fair, and equitable manner for all. Building on our popular peatland series from 2023, this event will be an engaging, hands-on session exploring the social realities, experiences, and perspectives of landowners, land managers and residents of peatland landscapes. This is your opportunity to strategise with like-minded folk about what an ideal peatland map could look like, and will help FAS better design future peatland events and support in line with your needs.

Working together, participants will play a game centred around a mapped peatland area to discuss and design an ideal peatland landscape. You’ll have the chance to discuss the impact on nature, community, and yourselves and your businesses, with the aim of finding a solution that is satisfying for all.

The game is accessible and easy to understand, you don’t have to be a gamer, strategic mapper or boardgame connoisseur to enjoy and gain insights from this session. Peatland restoration specialists will be on hand to support throughout.

We will conclude the event with a group discussion that will provide an overview of the various funding and services available to support restoration on-site. You will have the opportunity to learn from fellow landowner and land managers who are already restoring their landscape and address any questions you have.

All are welcome and we will serve you tea, coffee, and snacks!

We ask that you arrive early, so that we can start 7pm sharp, thankyou.
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