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Record Keeping & Benchmarking

Livestock records can be a complicated and daunting aspect of running a farming business to get your head round, but it’s a very important one for various reasons.

Livestock identification and records are covered by Scottish, UK and EU law. These have been put in place to aid animal traceability and are mandatory.  The links below, will aid in understanding the requirements for record keeping for cattle.


Cattle and Sheep Record Keeping Video Series

Do you find keeping up with livestock record keeping regulations challenging? This series of short videos will guide you through the key requirements to ensure your business is compliant with the legislative and traceability regulations.  Read more>>

Cattle EID

Cattle EID has been discussed for many years and while the roll out of compulsory EID in cattle has been delayed, EID systems are available and have the potential to revolutionise your cattle enterprise.  This series of videos and resources showcases EID systems in practice and highlights the positive impact Ultra High Frequency EID has had on various farms around the country. Read More>>

An Introduction to Benchmarking Cattle

Benchmarking provides a basis for comparison and a starting point for setting targets.  By comparing your herd’s performance against industry targets or other herds, it allows you to identify where the strengths and weaknesses are in the business and where there is room for improvement. There are a number of benchmarks or KPI’s (key performance indicators) to look at, both physical and financial.  Read more>>

Starting Up An Agricultural Business

There are various and specific rules and regulations that must be adhered to when keeping farm livestock and managing land. This guide aims to compile many of these requirements and useful links to further detail.  Read more>>

Cattle Identification and Registration (SMR 7)

The aim is to maintain a system for the identification, registration and traceability of cattle.

For cross compliance purposes you do not need to do anything more than you are already required to do by law for the identification and traceability of cattle. Read more>>

Mungo in shed

Passport Reconciliation

Winter offers the perfect opportunity, while cattle are housed, to check ear tags and carry out a passport reconciliation. All cattle on the farm should have the correct tags and a passport. This is especially important when you want to sell cattle. Passport reconciliation is the process of checking this. Read more>>

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