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Growing a Grass Wedge: Rotational & Paddock Grazing Tips for Cattle & Sheep – event summary

20 March 2017

Grassland management is a key element to improving cattle & sheep outputs.   This meeting highlighted ways to significantly improve grassland utilisation and give farmers and land managers the confidence to start managing grass in a rotational or paddock grazing system.

Points covered included:

  • Setting up a rotational/paddock grazing system
  • Measuring grass growth during the growing season
  • How to manage the system in periods of over and under production
  • Maximising grass output through drainage & nutrient management
  • The importance of clover in grassland

Positive feedback from the meeting was given, with attendees inspired to try and improve their output from grass this year, following the grassland talk which highlighted the benefits of rotational and paddock grazing for cattle and sheep, as well as learn of strategies of how to cope with surpluses and deficits of grass. The talk on the importance of good soil structure also covered ways to improve soil aeration using sward lifters, and key points of field drainage.  Cross Compliance & EFA greening rules were included in the handouts.

Presentations can be found below and delegate packs included: Basic Payment Scheme Greening RulesFAS Grass soil and structureGrassland Sward Measuring StickGreening Checklist Crop Diversification and Greening Checklist EFAs

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Powerpoint_Growing a Grass Wedge
Topics: Livestock, Crops and Soils and Rural Business

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